Work package 6: Understanding action recognition

Cue discrimination of meaningful aspects of posture and movement

Dr Malika Auvray, UMR 8119, CNRS mail home page
Mr Sylvain Hanneton, Laboratoire de Neurophysique et Physiologie mail home page
Mr Thomas Hoellinger, UMR 8119, CNRS mail home page
Dr Agnes Roby-Brami, UMR 8119, CNRS mail home page

Start 01/ 10/2006 End 30/09/2008

Project 6


To investigate which features of movement (related for example to the trajectory, the joint coordination or the general posture) are used for the discrimination of actions.


To build a database of movements in various contrasted situations (prehension of light/heavy objects, easy/difficult pointing, healthy/disabled movements, novice/expert, etc.).

To use this database to evaluate experimentally whether the ability to recognize elementary features of actions from movement observation is related to the semantic action or language systems.

Photo by thomwatson